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The Reef Teach presentation is a very entertaining evening, full of amazing facts, beautiful images, and the opportunity to handle a wide range of corals and other marine specimens – including some of the dangerous creatures you wouldn’t want to touch if they were alive! It will amaze, inspire, and captivate you, and have you laughing about the funny facts and weird and wonderful ways in which the reef works!

With learning comes appreciation

At Reef Teach we offer:

World Heritage Committee 36 Session

Photo by: Ross Anderson

We have attached the report from the World Heritage Committee’s 36 Session, which highlights points of interests for the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area.

It is a really interesting read. GBR Report 2012

For the entire document click here whc12-36com-7BAdde

Another Splendid Day on the Great Barrier Reef

The past two days have been mind blowing out on the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t get me wrong it is always good, however the last two days have been some of those special days.

The weather conditions were beautiful and calm, with not a drop of rain in sight. The visibility was up around the 20m mark.

Over the past two days Reef Teach has visited Flynn, Theftford and MiIln Reef. The sightings have been so varied, from the smallest cleaner shrimps to the beautiful eagle ray “flying” overhead. Some of the highlights were watching an arrogation of sharks seemingly in a mating frenzy, a large group of tuna feeding, which looked like a high energy airplane acrobatic display and lastly the beautiful eagle ray that majestically flew over our heads.

Although these where the highlights one cannot forget the regulars, the very large and friendly Maori wrasse “Wally”, who was loving having his photo taken with all the divers and snorkelers. There was clownfish, blue spot lagoon rays and the very colourful and noisy parrotfish.

Although these past few days were above average, the Great Barrier Reef is a beautiful place to visit at any time if the year. If you are planning a visit to the Reef remember come and visit us at Reef Teach so that you can get the most out of your Trip. The experience is always enhanced if you know what to look for, where to find it and what it is. Do not take my word for it, read our comments on Trip Advisor.

I hope to see you all out on the reef one day and remember “With Learning Comes Appreciation”.

Reef Teach Times- Happy Holidays!!!

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Reef Teach Times-Coral Spawning on the GBR

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Reef Teach Times: …Whales? They’er Back

WHATS NEW: We have given our show a face lift. New photos and for the first time video has been added. Now, together with the real life specimens of coral and fish the show really brings the Reef to life. Also check out our new look website with loads of information: www.reefteach.com.au. You can also follow us on Twitter: @reefteach.

The start of winter is a very exciting time on the Great Barrier Reef with the arrival of the whales. The Reef is home to nearly 30 species of marine mammals. The whales of particular interest at this time of year are the Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) and the Dwarf Minke Whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata subsp.).

Photograph by Matt Curnock from the Dwarke Minke Whale Project

Photograph by Gareth Phillips from Reef Teach

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Classroom Hire

Our classroom is fitted with comfortable seating, audio visual equipment and refreshments.  When not in use for one of our reef education sessions it is available for hire.

Cost | $150 full-day hire (9am-5pm), $110 half-day hire (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm)

Please read on for more information

What a Load of Garbage!

If you’ve been to the Reef Teach show, you’ll know a bit about the impact of plastic and other garbage on marine life. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, but it does photodegrade, breaking down into smaller and smaller, but just as toxic particles, which are consumed by marine life mistaking it for food. The United Nations Environment Programme estimates it is killing more than a million seabirds, and over 100,000 other marine animals (including sharks, dolphins, whales and sea turtles) every year, and that there are on average 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square kilometre of the world’s oceans! Read the rest of this entry »

The Great Escape

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May we present one of the most intelligent animals on the planet… the OCTOPUS! These amazing molluscs are remarkable escape artists: capable of changing their colour and texture and squeezing into the smallest gaps to camofluage themselves; squirting ink into the face of potential predators to mask themselves and their scent while they make their escape. They are capable of recognising colours and shapes, working out problems, finding their way through mazes, and even remembering a sequence of events… and now scientists have recorded octopii using coconut shells as tools! They are truly extraordinary animals! Read the story and watch the video by clicking on the photo.

Great Barrier Reef Information Shows…

Just $23 for adults, $14 for children and $60 for families (2ad, 2ch)

A unique experience to help you get the most out of your visit to the Great Barrier Reef.   Learn what to look for, where to find it and how to discover as much as possible!  Reef Teach is staffed by qualified marine biologists (all have PhD’s or MSc degrees), who aim to educate, inspire and enthuse visitors to the Great Barrier Reef about this unique and incredible place.

Reef Teach shows are held each evening from 6.30pm – 8.30pm (except Sunday and Monday).  Admission is just $23 for adults, $14 for children 14 & under and $60 families (2ad, 2ch).

Free: Fish and coral identification sheets, tea, coffee and biscuits provided

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enrich your Great Barrier Reef experience.

Book Now!!

Email learn@reefteach.com.au
07 4031 7794


The Acid Test

When you think about the impact of climate change on the reef, you probably think about coral bleaching. Few people have heard about ocean acidification, but for many marine scientists this is an even more worrying issue… just harder to explain because you can’t see the impacts as easily as you can see bleached coral.

However, Acid Test, a new documentary starring Sigourney Weaver, produced by the National Resources Defence Council (NRDC) explains ocean acidification in terms we can all understand.

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