About the Reef

Climate Change and the reef

Climate change is a hot topic (if you’ll pardon the pun), and while arguments continue about the causes and solutions, the reality is that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are accumulating in the atmosphere, and human, animal, and plant communities are starting to feel the effects. This is not intended to be a comprehensive …

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Snorkelling & Diving

There are hundreds of diving and snorkelling tours available along the Great Barrier Reef, ranging from half day trips to islands and cays to week long ”liveaboard” trips  to the Ribbon Reefs and Coral Sea! With so much choose we have developed an easy  to follow list below, to help you choose the right trip for you. Don’t forget …

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Useful Links

Want to learn more about marine life? Find out how to use your diving for research and conservation? Check the tides and weather for North Queensland? Check out our Links! Marine Conservation Organisations Volunteering Opportunities & Conservation Holidays Education & Information Resources Marine Biology & Research (Projects, Universities, Field Stations, etc) Weather & Tides If you live …

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What can I do to help the reef?

There are many pressures on coral reefs around the world – population increase, coastal development, pollution, invasive species, unsustainable fishing, and climate change – to name but a few. But there are plenty of things you can do to help the reef. Here’s our top ten suggestions (in no particular order) 10 Things you can do …

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