Marine Conservation Organisations

Here’s just a small selection of the thousands of marine conservation organisations in Australia and beyond that might interest you.

General Marine Conservation

Australian Marine Conservation Society (Australia, education, information, action)

PADI Project Aware (Asia-Pacific, International)

Sea Shepherd (International action on whales, dolphins, seals, sharks, and other marine wildlife)

UNESCO World Heritage Centre (International, protection of unique cultural and natural heritage sites around the world, including the Great Barrier Reef and The Wet Tropics of Queensland)

World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF Australia, education, information, action) » WWF’s Coral Sea Campaign

Sea Turtle Conservation

Carpentaria Ghost Nets Programme (ghost nets are abandoned fishing nets that continue to trap and kill marine life, Australia)

Mon Repos Turtle Rookery (education centre near Bundaberg, Australia offering tours during turtle nesting season)

Ningaloo Turtle Program (turtle conservation, volunteering, and education centre on the Ningaloo coast, Western Australia offers tours during nesting season)

Sea Turtle Foundation (Australia, education, information, action) (International, education, information, satellite tracking)

Georgia Sea Turtle Centre (US, rehabilitation, research, education and volunteer programs)

Shark Conservation

Save Our Sharks (Australia)

The Shark Trust (UK-based shark conservation organisation with a focus on science, education, influence, and action)

Sharkwater (information and resources on shark finning linked to the movie)

Shirts4Sharks (new Cairns-based initiative supporting The Pangaea Sharks Project)

Earth Watch: Project Manta  

Disclaimer: Please note that Reef Teach does not necessarily agree with the views or endorse the actions of all the organisations listed here. They are presented to offer a sample of the range of marine conservation organisations at work out there! If you would like to draw people’s attention to another marine conservation project / organisation, please feel free to add a comment and link below.

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Marine Conservation Organisations
Marine Conservation Organisations