Marine Research

There are several research institutions and research stations along the Great Barrier Reef, and James Cook University and the University of Queensland have marine biology programs which host visting researchers from around the world.

AIMS – The Australian Institute of Marine Science

ARC – Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

The Australian Museum’s Lizard Island Research Station

CRC Reef Research Centre

CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research

Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

GBRMPA – The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

JCU – James Cook University

» School of Marine & Tropical Biology

» Orpheus Island Research Station

Minke Whale Project

The Queensland Government’s Department of Primary Industries & Industries

Tropical Australian Stinger Research Unit (and if you’re interested in venomous marine life, you might also want to check out Marine Medic for first aid advice)!

UQ – The University of Queensland

» Centre for Marine Studies

» Heron Island Research Station

» Low Isles Research Station

» Moreton Bay Research Station

The University of Sydney’s One Tree Island Research Station

This is not a comprehensive list, so please feel free to add a comment and link if you’d like to draw people’s attention to other GBR research projects.

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Marine Research GBR
Marine Research GBR