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Reef Teach Time13- Coral Love… Mass Coral Spawning-Sept 2011
Right now the reef is preparing for one of the most spectacular natural events in the world, in
fact it is an event that is a must see (one for the “bucket list”)—Coral Spawning. In November
approximately a week after the full moon, at night, the whole Great Barrier Reef erupts in
a synchronised mass spawning event.


Reef Teach Times 12- … Whales? They’er Back-June 2011
The start of winter is a very exciting time on the Great Barrier Reef with the arrival of the whales. The Reef is home to nearly 30 species of marine mammals. To read more click on the image or above title.


Reef Teach Times 11-Angelfish-April 2011
Angelfish are one of the most colourful and diverse species of fish found on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Angelfish get their name from the enlarged, rounded dorsal and anal fins, which give them the appearance of angel wings. To read more click on the image or above title.


Reef Teach Times 10-Summer Lovin-Dec 2010
Coral spawning is the biggest orgy on the planet! On just a few nights of the year (usually 4-6 nights after the full moon in November) corals release huge clouds of eggs and sperm into the water. To read more click on the image or above title.


Reef Teach Times 9-Flipper and Friends-July 2010
Remember the popular children’s TV programme, Flipper, featuring a friendly bottlenose dolphin?  This issue introduces us to FLIPPER & FRIENDS! – some the most common species of dolphins (and whales) encountered in the marine park.

Past Edition Titles include:

Reef Teach Times 8-Summer Lovin-Dec 2009

Reef Teach Times 7-the Whales are Back-June 2009

Reef Teach Times 6-The Secret Lives of Sea Turtles-Mar 2009

Reef Teach Times 5-Sex on the Reef-Dec 2008

Reef Teach Times 4-There’s Stingers About-Oct 2008

Reef Teach Times 3-Whale Season Set To Go-July 2008

Reef Teach Times 2-The Sea Jellies are Back-Oct 2007

Reef Teach Times 1-Whale season is Here !!-June 2007

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