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What a Load of Garbage!

If you’ve been to the Reef Teach show, you’ll know a bit about the impact of plastic and other garbage on marine life. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, but it does photodegrade, breaking down into smaller and smaller, but just as toxic particles, which are consumed by marine life mistaking it for food. The United Nations Environment Programme …

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The Great Escape

Ladies and Gentlemen, May we present one of the most intelligent animals on the planet… the OCTOPUS! These amazing molluscs are remarkable escape artists: capable of changing their colour and texture and squeezing into the smallest gaps to camofluage themselves; squirting ink into the face of potential predators to mask themselves and their scent while they make …

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The Acid Test

When you think about the impact of climate change on the reef, you probably think about coral bleaching. Few people have heard about ocean acidification, but for many marine scientists this is an even more worrying issue… just harder to explain because you can’t see the impacts as easily as you can see bleached coral. However, Acid Test, a new documentary …

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Coitus Interruptus?!

Coral Spawning Update We anticipated a split spawning this year (because the full moon was so early in November), and we’ve got one. Initially, conditions looked good for the coral to spawn in November, but a change in the weather brought rougher and cooler conditions than expected, and although a few corals went ahead and spawned anyway, …

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Coral spawning – the biggest orgy on the planet!

The Great Barrier Reef is about to give birth! Once a year, on just a few nights, over 150 species of corals along the Great Barrier Reef give birth during the biggest orgy on the planet! This extraordinary mass reproductive event is unparalleled anywhere on earth. Corals need exactly the right conditions (sea temperature, tides, time …

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Return of the stingers

1st November marks the official start of the Stinger Season when swimmers and divers need to take precautions against Box Jelly and Irukandji stings. Young box jellies grow up in the creeks all around northern Australia, and begin to turn up along our beaches when heavy rains flush them out of the creeks and along the coastline. They are active …

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The outlook for the Great Barrier Reef

At Reef Teach we often get asked about the future of the Great Barrier Reef e.g. how will climate change affect the reef, what about shark fishing, pollution, etc. Obviously we don’t have time to talk very much about these issues during our evening presentations. However, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has recently …

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The whales are back!

Reef Teach Times - Edition 7 - June 2009 Did you know that over 30 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises can be found along the Great Barrier Reef? Some are resident all year round, while others, like humpbacks and minkes, only visit over the winter months. Great news… THE WHALES ARE BACK!