Marine Discovery Program

Great Barrier Reef Marine Discovery Program
Become a Great Barrier Reef advocate. Join Reef Teach’s Marine Discovery Program in beautiful Tropical North Queensland, Cairns, Australia. This is a marine conservation volunteer program which joins citizen science and dedicated research. Volunteers will gain a life experience holiday that will be hard to beat. It will give volunteers the opportunity to spend more time on the World heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, with marine biologists, while contributing to its conservations.

About The Program
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Discovery Program is a newly designed multi-faceted program that aims to help facilitate Great Barrier Reef research, education and conservation.
This program aims to speed up research results by working with existing and newly developed research programs. The program will achieve this through providing infrastructure, manpower and resources to these research programs in a more timely and cost effective way. Through volunteering extra funding is raised and much needed manpower is achieved to help us achieve our objectives.

While volunteering for the Marine Discovery program you will work alongside marine biologists on a range of different programs (see list below). With your help we will be able to work on more areas and achieve more results quicker. So join our volunteer program, take the “plunge down under”, make a difference. Enquire below

The program runs for 2 or 4 weeks. Areas that are covered by the program include***
• Reef ecology and marine life identification training
• In water Reef monitoring data collection
• Data input
• Community engagement programs
• Reef education program
• Dedicated research programs

You do not need previous experience to take part in this project and you will receive all the necessary guidance fully participate in the programs. However to take part in the in water surveys volunteers will need to know how to swim and be of reasonable fitness.

Volunteers are welcome on a gap year, a career/life/study break, minimum age 18

The program runs Monday to Friday with weekends free for you to explore Tropical North Queensland.

7 days of accommodation for the duration of your stay (2 or 4 weeks).
Transport to and from accommodation and Reef Teach
Reef trips for data collections (up to 5 Reef Trips)*
Lunch on the days you go to sea**
Reef ecology and identification training – dry and in water

Flights to and from Cairns
Meals, apart from lunch on the days you go to sea**
Weekend transport
Dive courses (course can be arranged and charged separately)
Travel insurance

* Reef trips are dependent on weather and availability. No refunds for less or no reef trips beyond the control of Reef Teach management and staff.
**Dietary requirements will be catered for as far as reasonable. Please inform Reef Teach management of any dietary requirement prior to arrival
***not all these projects are covered in every 2 or 4 week program. Volunteers may only work on a few areas as some of these programs are seasonal 

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