Underwater Cameras

Reef Teach has several disposable and re-usable underwater film and digital cameras available for sale in our classroom, and we’ll give you a few simple tips on how to take a good photograph underwater in our presentation.

Books & DVDs

Reef Teach has the widest selection of marine field guides and souvenir books in Cairns. Whether you’re looking for a new dive log, a comprehensive field guide to help you identify fish and corals, a specialist guide to butterflyfish or nudibranchs, a coffee table book to take home as a souvenir, or a picture book for the children, we have something to meet your needs! Click on the categories below to browse our list of titles and book descriptions:


Underwater ID slates

Underwater ID Slates

Reef Teach underwater slates are a fantastic way to identify what you’re looking at out on the reef! They feature a plastic strap to attach to your wrist or your BCD and are available in English and Japanese. One features the common species of fish, and the other common marine life (corals and other animals) found on the Great Barrier Reef and throughout much of the Indo-Pacific (e.g. Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji, PNG, etc). They can be purchased singly for $7 per slate or $12 the pair, or wholesale (please contact us for pricing).

Reef Teach T-shirts

T-shirt Surgeonfish DesignT-shirt Triggerfish Design… make a fun souvenir. We have two comic designs, available in a range of sizes (S, M, L, XL, 2XL). Both have the wording ”Reef Teach, Cairns, Australia” on the front, with either a gun-slinging Triggerfish or a scalpel-wielding Surgeonfish on the back. The designs are in black printed on a good quality white 100% cotton T-shirt. At $20 they are excellent value for money.

Other GiftsMiscellaneous Products

We also sell a wide-range of marine-themed gifts, including reef posters, cuddly toys (including Nemo, Dory, Bruce, octopii, turtles, etc), sunglasses, postcards, glass art,  re-usable bags, stickers, signs, magnets, paperweights, stinger suits, sunscreen, and ginger tablets (to prevent sea-sickness).

Books for Children and Young Adults

Books for Young Children   Finding Nemo Sticker Fun Book Sue Behrent for Disney Pixar 20 pages, colour stickers, soft cover stapled, order code: BK-PNG6 ($7) Readers can travel to the undersea world of Nemo with this fun sticker book that contains full colour stickers of your favourite characters, along with puzzles, dot-to-dots, mazes, crosswords …

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Coffee Table Books and Underwater Photography

A Day in the Life of the Great Barrier Reef Michael AW 32 pages, colour photographs, soft cover and includes high quality postcard set, order code: BK ONO1 ($10) This is not an ordinary picture book about the world’s largest marine park! It includes an in-depth illustrated ecology of the coral reef system by Dr Carden …

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DVDs and CD-Roms

DVDs Ribbons of Life In-Depth Video Productions 40 minutes, Multi-region DVD, order code: DV ROL ($30) The Ribbon Reefs and Coral Sea  are outstanding sections of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. In this beautifully compiled presentation, Rob Cooke and brothers Terry and Mark Geddes share the best of their work captured over 15 years of underwater …

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Field Guides - General

We have a huge selection of marine field guides that will help you to identify what you see out on the reef. We have grouped the titles below into the following categories: Great Barrier Reef,  Coral Sea & Australia Indo-Pacific region (and beyond)   Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea & Australia   Coral Sea Reef Guide …

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Field Guides - Species & Family Specific

  Birds Sea Birds and others of the Great Barrier Reef, Australasia, South Pacific and Indian Ocean Neville Coleman 64 pages, full colour, soft cover, order code: BKCSISBGBR ($23) Part of Neville Coleman’s “World of Water” series, this book provides a visual identification guide to the birds found along Australia’s coastline, islands, and surrounding seas, …

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Specialist Reference Texts

  A Guide to Angelfishes and Butterflyfishes Gerald R. Allen, Roger Steene & Mark Allen 250 pages, colour photographs, hard cover, order code: BK-CS19 ($69) This handsome volume is designed exclusively for divers and aquarium hobbyists. Covering all of the world’s species – 83 angelfishes and 121 butterflyfishes, it is the first comprehensive guide to these popular …

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Underwater Cameras

We stock the following underwater cameras, which are available for purchase singly or wholesale (please contact us for pricing):   FujiFilm Quicksnap Marine $18 Single use snorkelling camera 27 exposures Waterproof to -10m     SnapSights Waterproof $16 REUSABLE snorkelling camera 27 exposures Waterproof to -8m         DryFoto Waterproof Case for digital …

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